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Hear feeling weak, damaged...... all round trashed? Then spoil yourself with this EverEscents Remedy Gift Pack designed to help nourish and repair weak, damaged hair.


Restores proteins and repairs damaged hair structure. 


This is the next generation of hair protein reconstruction technology designed to restore hair structure and repair hair that is hopelessly damaged from excessive chemical treatments or environmental factors. 


Hair will be effectively rebuilt and restored to a healthy state. 


The use of mid-micron proteins allows the repair process to be gentle and constant through regular use of the shampoo each time the hair is washed. Formulated with effective proteins from Sweet Almond and Rice to increase hair strength and keratin levels, whilst also improving colour brightness and reducing fade.


Other brands are currently using fine-micron proteins, such as wheat and soy which build up around the hair shaft causing hair to become brittle and break. 


EverEscents next generation formulas contain mid-micron proteins which are larger in size and won’t build up around the hair shaft. The hair structure is repaired, strengthened and elasticity restored.


The pack also contains the best selling EverEscents Organic Deep Treatment to really help nourish and repair your hair.

Everescents Organic Remedy Gift Pack


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