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Introducing our vital formula for repairing damaged hair NATULIQUE Hair Bond Strengthening Conditioner.


Rejuvenates and restores compromised hair using moisture-retaining rice proteins, along with vitamin-enriched extracts of Avocado, Sunflower, and Açai.


For everyday use to repair damaged hair while conditioning.


Made From Certified Organic Ingredients


Certified Organic Açai 

Nourishes the hair with omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, and vitamins A, B, C, and E, promoting healing, hydration, balance, and restoration. This results in softer, shinier hair. Its elevated levels of antioxidants and amino acids also provide exceptional protection against environmental aggressors and inflammation.


Certified Organic Cucumber

Exceptionally hydrating, contributing to the fortification and restoration of hair.


Certified Organic Apple Extract

Abundant in antioxidants, forming a innate defense against subsequent damage. Furthermore, it contains a notable natural polyphenol named procyanidin B2, which has demonstrated the ability to encourage hair growth.


Hydrolysed Rice Protein

Compact, soluble protein molecules capable of infiltrating the hair shaft to fortify and hydrate it internally. Remarkably effective in addressing hair that is damaged or fractured. This protein permeates the hair shaft, enhancing its strength. Moreover, it fills the gaps in the hair cuticle, thereby renewing the hair’s robustness and resilience.


Benefit Concern

→ Care for your scalp, Promote hair growth, Repair damaged hair, Strenghten your hair


Hair Type

Coily hair, Coloured hair, Normal hair, Straight Hair, Thin hair

Natulique Hair Bond Strengthening Conditioner Step #5

  • 250ml

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