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QPLEXXbond 003 Protector


Our QPLEXXbond 003 take home treatment delivering emollients and a dose of our 33 certified organic ingredients. Use as part of the 3 part system that helps prolong and enhance the treatment undertaken in the salon.

Helps to protect newly formed bonds and buffer existing ones, adding extreme hydration and deep moisture for stronger healthier feeling hair.

Use at least twice a week to help maintain healthy hair.


You will love our QPLEXXbond 00 Series:

      • Organic based and Australian developed and researched three-part plex system.
      • Every bottle contains 33 ingredients sourced, purchased and certified organic in Australia.
      • Every bottle contains the latest organic compound ingredients as the base.


      DNA Organics QPLEXX Bond 003 Protector 300ml

      • After all colouring or chemical treatments work is rinsed out thoroughly, apply generously from roots to ends.

        Leave in for a minimum of 7 minutes, rinse well and style as desired.

        Use at least twice a week as the final stage of the 3 part Qplexx system.

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