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Vegan Certified Cruelty Free Shampoo and Conditioner - Organic Hair Culture


Cruelty-free and

NATULIQUE deeply wants to raise the standards and increase awareness of the cruel animal testing that takes place in the beauty industry. No one should suffer for beauty, which is why we have added the vegan certification to selected NATULIQUE hair care products. None of the NATULIQUE products are tested on animals, and never have been. The vegan certification from the Vegan Society is a symbol of the clear stand we take against animal cruelty, and it assures you that no animal testing or animal ingredients are in the products.

Animal testing is one of the biggest beasts of beauty. Being a cruelty-free brand is an important cause for NATULIQUE. Now, we have decided to take an even harder stand in the fight against animal testing by adding the vegan certification to selected hair care products.

Worldwide, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and even cats and dogs are blinded, poisoned, and killed to test new cosmetic products and their ingredients. It’s a common saying that ‘beauty is pain’ and ‘suffer for beauty’. We couldn’t agree less with these phrases. In the NATULIQUE family, it is our opinion that no one should suffer for beauty whether it’s a hairdresser’s health or animals being exploited for testing cosmetic products.

According to Cruelty Free International, at least 115 million animals are used in experiments worldwide each year. And in 80% of all countries, it is still legal to do animal testing. In China, it’s even a legal requirement that cosmetic products are tested on animals, which is why our products cannot be found in China.



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