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100% VEGAN

AHIA’s Treatment Product of the Year 2019.

Australia’s #1 industry award winning organic based hair treatment is a luxurious blend of highly concentrated proteins, moisturisers and vitamins.
Indulge you senses in our tantalizing scents and aromas whilst the treatment helps to reconstruct your damaged and brittle hair.
Your hair will look, feel and smell amazing!


Essential oils and natural food flavours combine to create notes that are grounded by woody spices, infused with citrus and taking breath with florals. Balanced and fresh, our famous and loved scents and aromas elevate you.

The beautifully crafted mix of certified organic ingredients blended with laboratory raw compounds result in an intense infusion of highly concentrated proteins, moisturisers and vitamins that help to reconstruct damaged and brittle hair.



DNA Luxury Organics Luxury Primrose Reco Masque 150ml / 500ml

  • Remove excess water, apply product to hair and massage gently.
    Leave in for 1-3 minutes then proceed to rinse.

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